4 Bathroom Design Tips for Aging in Place

Bathroom Design Tips for Aging in Place

As more individuals choose to remain in their homes as they age, creating environments that support their needs is essential. The bathroom, in particular, can present challenges for those with mobility issues or aging-related changes. At Chapman Custom Baths, we understand the desire to stay in one’s home and remain independent over the years. That’s why we’re discussing four key bathroom design tips prioritizing accessibility and safety for aging in place.

1. Shower and Tub Accessibility for Bathing

Accessible bathing options are essential for individuals with mobility limitations. Walk-in or low-threshold showers without curbs are ideal, allowing for easier entry and exit. Installing grab bars near the shower and tub can provide additional support and stability. We also like to incorporate a built-in shower seat or bench for those who need to sit while showering.

2. Sink and Vanity Accessibility

For the sink and vanity area, consider a vanity with a roll-under space that accommodates wheelchairs. Mounting the sink at a lower height also ensures it’s easily reachable for someone seated in a wheelchair. Additionally, lever handles on the faucet are easier to operate for those with limited hand strength or dexterity compared to traditional knobs.

3. Toilet Accessibility

Installing a comfort-height toilet that sits higher than a standard toilet can make sitting down and standing up more manageable. Grab bars placed strategically around the toilet provide support and assistance. A raised toilet seat with arms can also be added to existing toilets to increase height and stability.

4. Bathroom Lighting

Good lighting is also essential for safety and comfort in the bathroom. Choose fixtures that provide bright, even lighting to eliminate shadows and reduce glare. Overhead lighting, task lighting near the vanity, and motion-activated night lights can improve visibility and help prevent falls.

Designing a bathroom with aging in place in mind requires careful consideration of various elements. Accessibility, safety, and ease of use should be top priorities. Chapman Custom Baths makes accessible bathroom remodeling our priority. Consider us for bathroom remodeling services in Brownsburg, IN, and the surrounding areas. Contact us at (317) 456-4567 to request a tour of our showroom and get a free estimate.