Customizing Your Vanity with Chapman Custom Baths

Customizing Your Vanity with Chapman Custom Baths

Embarking on a bathroom remodel can be exciting and overwhelming, especially when selecting the perfect vanity. At Chapman Custom Baths, we specialize in making bathroom vanity installation a seamless and enjoyable experience. We proudly source our vanities from Bertch, allowing us to create fully customized solutions that align with your unique aesthetic and lifestyle needs.

Custom Bertch Vanities

Choosing a vanity from Bertch through Chapman Custom Baths opens the door to a world of possibilities. With dozens of color options and finishes to choose from, your new bathroom vanity will not only look stunning but also complement the overall design of your space. Our custom vanities are also designed to provide ample space, most efficiently and practically, and are tailored to fit your storage needs and lifestyle.

Professional Installation Made Easy

We understand that bathroom vanity installation can seem daunting. Let our experienced professionals take care of everything for you. From measuring your bathroom space accurately to expertly installing the new vanity and disposing of the old one responsibly, we handle every step of the process with precision and care.

Additional Customization Options

Finally, beyond choosing the color and finish of your vanity, Bertch offers additional customization options to elevate your bathroom design:
  • Legs: Whether you’re drawn to a mid-century modern vibe or prefer a more classic look, Bertch offers a variety of vanity leg styles to suit your taste and enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Hardware: The devil is in the details! Choose drawer pulls in a range of popular shapes, sizes, and colors to personalize your vanity.
  • Accessories: Enhance the functionality of your vanity with clever accessories such as a hair appliance organizer or concealed drawers, ensuring that storage is never a problem again.

Visit the showroom at Chapman Custom Baths in Brownsburg to explore our range of custom vanity options from Bertch. Our dedicated team will guide you through the selection process, ensuring every detail is tailored to your vision. Contact us today at (317) 456-4567 and discover how a custom vanity can transform your bathroom into a stylish and functional oasis. Trust us to bring your dream bathroom to life.