Stuck in Another Decade? Upgrade!

Are you tired of your bathroom looking like it belongs in another decade? Sick of scrubbing the shower over and over again? Maybe it’s time to consider changing it up.

Chapman Custom Baths is proud to distribute products from The Onyx Collection because they are affordable, easy to maintain, durable, and guaranteed for life. What’s not to love? The Onyx Collection includes numerous beautiful showers, tubs, vanities, accessories, and more for your home or office bathroom.

There is truly something for every taste and budget—and the best part is, you can customize items to meet your specific needs. No need to worry about finding a shower to fit that awkward corner, just have one custom made to fit.

Jon Chapman has years of experience working with The Onyx Collection and is a knowledgeable resource as you plan your bathroom remodel. Chapman Custom Baths’ team of installation experts have consistently received glowing reviews from customers who are happy with their dedication to good service and proper installation.

If you’re ready to take your bathroom out of the 90’s (or the 70’s…), there’s no better time than now! Contact Chapman Custom Baths today!