Here’s How You Can Protect Your House

Wall panels are essentially the shell of your shower and are a necessity to showers and baths alike. They protect your drywall from water damage, mold, and a host of other problems. This is why your shower wall panels need to be impenetrable and need to last as long as possible. The perfect material to accomplish this is The Onyx Collection’s solid surface formulation.

As opposed to the natural stone options, solid surface can be replaced if needed or sanded if visible scratches appear. And that’s before mentioning the price. Solid surface is significantly more cost-effective than solid stone options. They also offer a huge range of colors and textures that other surfaces simply cannot manufacture. When it comes to cleanliness, solid surface is also above the competition. One key factor to this is it is a non-porous surface. Other than wicking away water, this makes it anti-bacterial, making it significantly easier to clean.

Solid surface wall panels can receive any number of different finishes such as slate, matte, gloss, subway-tiled, and more. You may see them more than you know. They are very common in hospitals, public facilities, schools and a host of public building bathrooms. This is because those facilities want the simplest, cleanest, and easiest-to-repair material that they can find. Want to learn more? Contact Chapman Custom Baths to receive a free on-site consultation now.