Shower Wall Panels

Chapman Custom Baths has 60 different colors for wall panels through The Onyx Collection. With 5 different styles that work with different color sets, over 250 possibilities are available along with countless combinations from in-lays. Click here to schedule a free, on-site consultation.

Gloss Finish

The most popular finish offered by The Onyx Collection, the smooth Gloss Finish, gives a classic appearance with an easy-to-clean smooth surface. 60 different colors are available in the gloss finish. Also, In-lay Stripes and Picture In-lays are available in the Gloss Finish.

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Stone Tile

The Onyx Collection's production mold was made from natural 12x12" stone tiles which gives each wall panel the look of a real stone tile without the worry of leaking grout seams. With tame price as Gloss and Slate Finishes, all colors are also available in the Stone Tile Finish. No Picture Inlays or integral Stripes or Borders are available.


Subway Tile

Subway Tile Wall Panel Finish comes with a smooth, flat tile design sporting faux grout lines. The size of the "tile" is 3" x 9 5/8" and the ¼" wide grout groove is 1/32" deep. Subway Tile panels are priced the same as Smooth Gloss, Slate, and Stone Tile panel finishes. As with all Onyx wall panels, the exposed edges will be finished and the grout molding shape will be shown on the finished edge.



Slate Finish Shower Walls have an even texture of natural slate across the entire surface. Priced the same as the Gloss finish, all of The Onyx Collection's colors are available in the Slate Finish. No Picture In-lays are available.


Matte Finish

The Matte Finish "look" is achieved by lightly sanding the panels and then applying a permanent sealer to the surface. There is little to no shine on Matte Finish Panels. Many colors are available in a Matte but no picture in-lays are available for it.

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8" x 24" Wavy Texture

Actual tile size (not including any grout lines) is 7 7⁄8" x 24 1⁄8" ). The grout lines are 3/16" wide. Max panel size is 96 7⁄8" wide by 105 1⁄8" tall. Max panel is 4 tiles wide by 13 tiles tall.