Where Do You Stand When You Get A New Shower?

Shower bases are where your water is going to end up after you’re done using the shower. There are two things you need to think about when buying a shower base. First is the look: does it match the rest of the bathroom? Does it seem out of place? This will ultimately be up to you and the others living in your home, but Chapman Custom Baths will be happy to help you along the design and selection process using decades of expertise.

The Durability of Solid Surface

The second thing to consider is the durability. You need a good material that doesn’t stain and is easy to clean. The Onyx Collection shower bases from Chapman Custom Baths are solid surface products which make them extremely durable, as easy to clean as just a swipe of a towel, and easy to replace in case of damage. In addition, with diverse options, Chapman Custom Baths has plenty of options to help you find the right look for your bathroom.

Shower Base Curb Selection

Also, keep the entrance of your shower in mind. Full-height curb shower bases are great options for a centered drain or even an offset drain whereas mid-height curbs are designed for less water. You can also get a low-profile base if you want a soft transition into your shower. For ADA compliance, consider installing ramped-curb shower bases to allow wheelchairs into the shower area. In special circumstances, corner showers can be replaced by the neo-angle shower base, which is sold either in a kit or as an individual base.

No matter what you pick, Chapman Custom Baths can help you along the process. Contact Chapman Custom Baths now in order to receive your free, on-site consultation.