There’s an Accessibility Solution for Every Bathroom

A bathroom can be a dangerous place for people who are at risk of extreme injury from falling. According to the CDC, people 65 and older have around 800,000 falls in the bathroom every year. This is why it is so important for the tub and showers to have the necessary installments to decrease the risk of injury as much as possible.


A must for people who are at the risk of falling is a rolling shower seat or fixed shower seat – especially for those in a wheelchair. This allows them to have some stability when they bathe. Another important addition is a grab bar for the elderly so that they always have that extra support. One thing you can do yourself is to make sure that empty bottles of shampoo are not in the way so that there is less risk of knocking them on the ground. A wheelchair specific option that is used in many accessibility-geared showers is a curb-less shower base so that the elderly don’t have to pull themselves over the wall.


For wheelchair users especially, sinks can be very tedious if not installed with them in mind. An easy solution is to provide a cabin-less sink so they have room to sit under the sink. Another thing is to make sure that they do not have to turn the knob by installing a hands-free faucet with a sensor that detects hands underneath it.


Toilets can also be an issue, so it is recommended to install a handle on the side of the toilet and have the toilet paper dispenser within reaching distance. These solutions will provide a sense of independence for wheelchair-bound individuals when using the toilet or bathroom in general.

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