Bathroom Upgrade

When a frozen pipe damaged one of the bathrooms in the Gilson Family home, they decided to go ahead and remodel both of their bathrooms. The Fortville family met Jon Chapman at a home show this spring and were immediately impressed with The Onyx Collection’s products as well as Jon’s laid-back and friendly demeanor.

“We liked Jon because for one thing, there was no high pressure,” said Mr. Gilson.

Mr. Gilson had originally contacted another company for a quote and found their high pressure pushes to be very off-putting. He noted that the other company actually quoted the job at three times the price that Jon was able to give them and that the other company was only going to replace the tub and shower involved with the frozen pipe. Chapman Custom Baths was able to provide the family with quality products to update both of their bathrooms at a very reasonable rate.

“We were happy with the installation. They made sure everything was working fine and, all in all, it was a very good experience,” Mr. Gilson commented. “We are quite satisfied with the results; it looks really nice.”

The Onyx Collection’s products are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They’re quality pieces made with beauty, durability, and practicality in mind. They are also resistant to mold and mildew, making them very easy to clean. Ready to see how The Onyx Collection would look in your bathroom? Contact Chapman Custom Baths today to set up a no-obligation consultation!