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The Onyx Collection

Chapman Custom Baths utilizes only the best materials for its clients by working with them to determine the best selection for a particular project. The Onyx Collection (solid surface) products were handpicked by the Chapman Custom Baths team for superior quality and guarantees. Learn about Chapman Custom Baths' 4-step process to ensure success, quality, & satisfaction for each and every customer.


Chapman Custom Baths is the authorized dealer of The Onyx Collection in the state of Indiana. The Onyx Collection is able to create any solid surface product that can be drawn, designed, or described.


Every product offered through Chapman Custom Baths can be purchased in standard designs or as a customized solution for any bathroom renovation. This includes shower enclosures, bathroom vanities, tub surrounds, shower accessories, accessibility solutions, and many other products. It all starts with a free quote for each bathroom remodel.

Chapman Custom Baths goes through a 4-step process for each and every luxurious bathroom remodeling project to ensure the quality of the finished product

Quoting & Designing a Project

Step 1

Quoting & Designing a Project

The project begins when the customer requests a quote. ​Chapman Custom Baths then begins the process of determining what the customer wants, what they need, and what else would be complementary to the overall project. The customers looking for a new shower enclosure may also be interested in a beautiful vanity to match, for example.


At Chapman Custom Baths, it's recommended that customers select a standard product from The Onyx Collection as opposed to custom-built solutions. All of The Onyx Collections' products, such as wall panels, shower bases, accessories, and lavatories, have dozens upon dozens of standard designs that fit almost every bathroom's specifications. Be sure to take a look at those before

requesting a custom bathroom. And, don't forget, that Chapman Custom Baths offers 60 different gloss finishes for all of their products through The Onyx Collection. Looking through the standard solutions will help make each bathroom remodeling project be as cost-effective as possible.

Business Consultation

Step 2

Selecting & Ordering Product

Once the customer has accepted the quoted project, Chapman Custom Baths measures the bathroom for all of the remodel's specifications and ensures the final product's projected quality. Next, Chapman Custom Baths invites them to the showroom where the customer selects the exact showers they want. From wall panels to shower bases and accessories to vanities, customers are able to see almost everything with their own eyes in the showroom. Chapman Custom Baths helps every customer select each and every product using years of experience to match shower designs to accessories and vanities to tub surrounds. Once ordered, Chapman Custom Baths takes care of ordering all of the product for the customer.

What does the customer have to pay upfront? Only the cost of materials. There are two reasons for this: if the customer decides to do the remodel themselves, they don't have to pay for labor; should the customer have a different contractor in mind for installation, they don't have to pay Chapman Custom Baths for labor charges. Because of this, labor is charged for at the end of the project. Once the product is selected, Chapman Custom Baths places an order to The Onyx Collection.

Selecting & Ordering Products
Construction & Installation

Step 3

Construction & Installation

After ordering, product generally takes 3-5 weeks to be delivered, at which point Chapman Custom Baths will work with the customer to schedule a time to begin construction. During the summer months, scheduling becomes tighter due to the busier remodel & construction season. Working with Chapman Custom Baths, though, comes with a series of guarantees. The first guarantee is that Chapman Custom Baths will never start a project before all of the product has been delivered so that quality can be checked and double-checked before installation.


Chapman Custom Baths' second guarantee is that the team will put 100% focus towards your project until it's finished. Chapman Custom Baths never starts two projects at once, thereby ensuring quality control. Day in and day out, remodel quality is the #1 goal.

In order to further ensure each project's quality, Chapman Custom Baths oversees the project and the installation of all The Onyx Collection products. The team will work with the installers, contractors, or builders to make sure the quoted project is followed properly from start to finish. Finally, Chapman Custom Baths will provide a run-down of all the products that the customer purchased after the remodel's completion.

Bathroom Sinks

Step 4

The Onyx Collection Guarantee

All of The Onyx Collections products come with a Forever Guarantee. Whether you purchased a brand new shower, a tub surround, a beautiful lavatory, or remodel your bathroom to make it more accessible, the product is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Not only will it last forever, but products from The Onyx Collection is easy to maintain & clean.

Bring The Onyx Collection into your home. Schedule your free, on-site consultation with Chapman Custom Baths today.

The Onyx Collection Guarantee
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