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Our Services

With American-made bath products, guaranteed to last a lifetime, any bathroom can be transformed with a variety of styles and design options.

Chapman Custom Baths Showroom Vanity.jpg

Shower remodeling just got easier by installing high  quality shower bases, wall panels, and accessories with Chapman Custom Baths.

Chapman Custom Baths Wavy Wall Panel Tex

Standard Lavatories are available in hundreds of sizes & depths, 15 bowl styles, either Flat or Raised edge, and also 5/8" or 1" thickness. Standard Lavatories can have a centered bowl, an offset bowl, or two bowls.

full bathroom (vanity).jpg

Design a beautiful, custom surround or deck for a jetted, soaking, or even a walk-in bathtub.


Customize showers with every possible accessory available in endless styles and colors.


Redesign bathrooms to meet ADA requirements with options such as ramp, seats, and bars.

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